These are the peak years for travel along the National Road. Taverns and inns such as Tomlinson’s, Searights, the White Swan, the Red Eagle, the Black Horse, Hill’s and Washington’s, enjoy a brisk business. Stage lines such as the National Road Stage Company, also referred to as the Stockton Line, the Good Intent Line, the People’s Line, the June Bug Line, and the Oyster Line transport many famous persons along the Nation’s “Main Street” including Presidents and future Presidents, Monroe, Jackson, Polk, Taylor, Harrison, Fillmore, Van Buren, Buchanan and Lincoln as well as notables such as LaFayette, Albert Gallatin, Henry Clay, Sam Houston, Daniel Webster, Davy Crockett, Chief Blackhawk, Jenny Lind, and P.T. Barnum.

Federal Highway Administration by Carl Rakeman. Public domain.