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Save The Date – 12th Annual Frontier Dinner -September 8th, 2017 at the Christian W. Klay Winery.  5 Course gourmet meal with beer and wine included and music by Shelly McCombie.  Click here for tickets.

Be a Friend of the Road!

Friends of the Road

Your donation can make a big difference by helping the NRHC continue its efforts, raise matching funds, and continue its work in local communities on projects that advance the education of our youth, the conservation of the natural environment, and the enhancement of parks, trails and other amenities that support this region’s leading industry – tourism.
Be a Friend of the Road!

Your contribution is instrumental in helping us strengthen regional economies through the conservation of cultural, heritage and natural resources,  increased tourism, creation of new jobs and new investment opportunities. Take a look at our National Road Heritage Corridor 2014-2019 Work Plan to learn more.


The Historic National Road

There are few things in history that call to us across time from the beginnings of our nation. The Historic National Road is one of them. For more than 600 miles it is a landscape of historic, cultural and archaeological significance, scenic beauty and bountiful recreation, and a journey through the lives and fortunes of the people that forged America.

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Our Mission

The National Road Heritage Corridor’s multifaceted mission and associated work includes advocating for, building awareness of, and encouraging the conservation of the cultural, historic, natural, and recreational resources along Pennsylvania’s Historic National Road and throughout the region through education and interpretation vis-à-vis community development. Working with partners, the NRHC leverages financial and human capital resources to deliver economic benefit. Fully engaged in restoration and development of key regional assets and amenities that are the lynchpin of a tourism infrastructure, the NRHC’s work supports Pennsylvania’s tourism product – one of the top two leading industry in the Commonwealth.

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