National Road Festival Update

Again this year, communities along the corridor have chosen not to hold their usual events. Our volunteer wagon train organizations are also going to skip their annual trek along the Historic National Road. While it's disappointing to many, including the communities and the wagoners, they all feel it's important for the health of all communities and visitors.

Plein Air Event on Sunday May 16th

Touchstone Center for Crafts and the National Road Heritage Corridor are hosting an exciting outdoor event at Christian W. Klay Winery in Southwestern PA." - Read more in this article by Wendy Duchene in Keystone Edge" "Artists of all skill levels are invited to capture the bucolic landscape and springtime vineyards, with help from two of the region's top professional painters." - William Pfahl & Ron Donoughe - There will be plenty of outdoor space to allow for social distancing. GO Laurel Highlands

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Friends of the Road

Your donation can make a big difference by helping the NRHC continue its efforts, raise matching funds, and continue its work in local communities on projects that advance the education of our youth, the conservation of the natural environment, and the enhancement of parks, trails and other amenities that support this region’s leading industry – tourism.
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The Historic National Road

Cutting across the southwest corner of Pennsylvania, the Historic National Road Corridor is the site of arguably the most important revolutionary events in U.S. history.

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