Cutting across the southwest corner of Pennsylvania, the Historic National Road Corridor is the site of arguably the most important revolutionary events in U.S. history.

Whiskey Rebellion

Having raised import taxes as high as it dared, in 1791 it imposed its first tax on a domestic product: distilled spirits. As a luxury tax, it seemed the least objectionable.

Westward Expansion

How Industry, taverns, blacksmiths, commerce, Teamsters, and drovers pushed Westward paving the way for the National Road

The Golden Age of Motoring

Modern America has a romantic vision of the mid-20th century road trip — sleek automobiles, distinctive diners and motor hotels, kitschy roadside attractions. For the first time ever, motorists could go anywhere in the country and find adventure in comfort and on their own schedules.

French and Indian War

As Britain grew its 13 American colonies in the 1600s and 1700s and eyed the Ohio Country to the west, France occupied New France to the north and advanced southward into the Ohio River valley. Conflict was inevitable.

Sculpture Tour

In 1791, responding to the first federal tax ever laid on an American product, gangs of rebels began to attack federal officials in a revolt that become known as the Whiskey Rebellion.

Exploring a Forgotten Tunnel in Brownsville (Video)

In this National Road focused episode of Laid Back History, join Clay, Rich, and Keith the archeologist as they head under the National Road to unearth the history of the Brownsville Tunnel.

A Road Trip on the National Road (Video)

What happens when you put a historian, an archaeologist, and a reenactor into a Jeep and ask them to follow the original National Road? Ride along with Brian, Clay, and Rich on their Laid Back History Road Trip as they travel the Road from Washington to West Virginia and share some history along the way.

Family Activities Along the National Road

School is finally out for the summer! This season is a great time for kids and teens to enjoy time off with their family and friends. It is also a great time to plan a family trip along the National Road. Whether you live in the keystone state full time, or plan to visit western […]

National Road History: The Vagabond Camping Trips

The National Road has served as the site of countless important historical events. Some of the most unique were what are referred to as the “Vagabond” camping trips of the early 20th century. Between the years 1915 and 1924, a team of prominent historical figures embarked on a series of summer camping trips. The “Four Vagabonds” as […]

The Steamboats of Brownsville

The Monongahela River has served as a gateway to the west in the United States since the dawn of the New World. This river is the reason many of the surrounding towns exist as they do today. Nowadays, the Monongahela continues to provide vital natural and economic resources for people and businesses in our region, […]

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