Areas of Activity

Our goals are simple: increase the corridor’s perceived and actual value as a regional asset & destination, and remain a valued partner, trusted advisor, and catalytic agent in the region.

The NRHC aims to:


  • Establish PA’s portion of the National Road as a 90-mile museum, offering inclusive, immersive educational experiences that create deep connections to our region’s history.
  • Support makers, artists, and producers in calling our region home by linking them with resources, access to markets and capital, and opportunities to create impactful connections within their communities.
  • Collaborate with heritage assets and communities to preserve and celebrate their histories and bring forward the stories that shape the corridor
  • Facilitate regional Main Street programs that offer shared resources, technical assistance, and partnerships to encourage the revitalization of historic downtowns
  • Working with partners to enhance and conserve the region’s natural and recreational assets to support healthy people & places, increase tourism, create new jobs, and spur thoughtful investment.

Education and Preservation


  • Local History Academy for Teachers
  • East End Oral History Project
  • Lifelong Learners
  • Fort Gattis Archeology Study
  • Searights Tollhouse
  • Main Street Development




Heritage Tourism


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