Fayette Trails Coalition

Welcome to the Fayette Trails Coalition (FTC) page! The FTC is a dedicated initiative under the National Road Heritage Corridor’s Outdoor Recreation Department. Our mission is to develop, enhance, and maintain a comprehensive network of trails throughout Fayette County, Pennsylvania, to connect communities, promote wellness, support local economic development, and preserve our natural and cultural heritage.

Our Mission:

Connecting Communities: Our trails serve as pathways that link towns, fostering a sense of togetherness and providing opportunities for shared experiences.

Enhancing Well-Being: Encouraging active lifestyles through accessible and safe trails for walking, biking, and hiking, enhancing both physical and mental health.

Preserving Heritage: Highlighting the rich cultural and natural history of Fayette County through interpretive signage and educational programs.


Forging a Connected Network of Trails : 

The Sheepskin Trail is a crucial part of the Parkersburg to Pittsburgh (P2P) connection, and a missing link to connecting SWPA and WV to Pittsburgh and D.C. This trail network will link our community to larger trail systems, including the GAP trail, the C&O Towpath, and Mon River Trails. The Sheepskin Trail can serve as a backbone for a network of connected trails and communities throughout Fayette County. 

Educational Programs:

Engage in our workshops, webinars, and nature camps that educate and inspire a deeper appreciation for our environment and connect towns to the growing outdoor recreation economy created by the trail network in Fayette County.

Community Events:

Join us for guided hikes, historic talks, volunteer days, and stakeholder meetings that build community spirit and a shared love for our trails.

Membership Guides and Forms:

Becoming a member of the Fayette Trails Coalition is easy and rewarding. Below you will find our membership guides and forms. Simply click on the link to view or download the membership guide.

Join the Fayette Trails Coalition:

We invite you to join us in making a difference! By becoming a member of the Fayette Trails Coalition, you can contribute to the sustainable development and maintenance of our beloved trails, ensuring they remain a valuable resource for generations to come.

Whether you are an individual community member or a representative of a municipality or organization, we have the right membership form for you. Below you will find our membership guide and forms.

Membership for Individual Community Members:

Fill out the form below designed for individual community members to join our coalition and contribute to the development and maintenance of our trails.

Membership for Municipalities or Organizations:

If you represent a municipality or organization, please fill out the form below tailored to your needs to become part of our collaborative effort to enhance and expand our trail network.

Membership Guide:

Check out the FTC membership guide, and learn how you can make a difference.

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