Friendship Hill

Friendship Hill was the home of early American politician and statesman Albert Gallatin. Gallatin was a U.S. Congressman, the longest-serving Secretary of the Treasury under two presidents, and ambassador to France and Great Britain.

Jumonville Glen

The Battle of Jumonville Glen, also known as the Jumonville affair, was the opening battle of the French and Indian War, fought on May 28, 1754, near present-day Hopwood and Uniontown in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.

Mt. Washington Tavern

Built in the 1830s along the National Road the tavern served as a stopping place for the Good Intent stagecoaches and their travelers. A wide hall greeted the guests. Men could get a drink and socialize in the tavern’s barroom. Women and children relaxed in the parlor, where the gentlemen were welcome to join them. All the travelers waited for the dinner bell before entering the dining room. They eat together at one big long table with the food being placed on platters in the center of the table. The kitchen was not open to the travelers but would have been busy with cooks and other employees who worked to keep the tavern going.

Kentuck Knob

Kentuck Knob, also known as the Hagan House, is a house designed by the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright in rural Stewart Township near the village of Chalk Hill, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, USA, 45 miles southeast of Pittsburgh


Fallingwater is a house designed by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935 in the Laurel Highlands of southwest Pennsylvania, about 70 miles southeast of Pittsburgh in the United States. It is built partly over a waterfall on Bear Run in the Mill Run section of Stewart Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Trolley Museum

A day at the Pennsylvania Trolley Museums is a full sensory experience, from the ring of the bell to the hum and shake of the trolley as it rides down the tracks. Our Museum brings a unique experience to visitors of all generations, connecting us all to the past. From the moment they arrive, our visitors enter a world of timeless memories, historic innovations, and interactive discoveries.

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