Cutting across the southwest corner of Pennsylvania, the Historic National Road Corridor is the site of arguably the most important revolutionary events in U.S. history.

The Steamboats of Brownsville

The Monongahela River has served as a gateway to the west in the United States since the dawn of the New World. This river is the reason many of the surrounding towns exist as they do today. Nowadays, the Monongahela continues to provide vital natural and economic resources for people and businesses in our region, […]

Spectacular Lodging along PA’s National Road

There is only one true way to travel the Historic National Road in Pennsylvania — and that is with ease. With over 90 miles to explore and ample amounts of sights, attractions, and activities weaved into the significant path, it’s important to keep the road trip pace comfortable and enjoyable. One very meaningful way to […]

4 Places to Visit in PA this Spring Along the National Road

Spring is the perfect season to explore the magnificent beauty of the great outdoors. The rolling hills and mountains in southwestern Pennsylvania create some of the most picturesque views this time of year. Combined with the historical and cultural resources found along the Historic National Road, the landscapes of the keystone state make this region […]

How to Support Tourism in Your Community

While living in the keystone state might make you forget the natural beauty and fascinating history that surrounds us in Pennsylvania, to visitors our rich, multifaceted history, sleek cityscapes, charming small towns, and lush countryside make our state an ideal place to explore. And that is not a biased statement —  tourism is one of […]

River Towns: How the Three Rivers Transformed Western Pennsylvania

Rivers have always been the lifeblood of civilization. The three rivers in western Pennsylvania are no different. These rivers are the reason the city of Pittsburgh and the surrounding towns exist as they do today and are vital natural and economic resources for people and businesses in our region. Through the centuries, the Monongahela, Allegheny, […]

Building the Sheepskin Trail

The National Road Heritage Corridor’s work includes efforts to develop a rich tourism infrastructure that will support the growth and sustainability of that industry, a strong economic driver in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Since beginning operations in 1995, the NRHC has delivered over $13 million in state, federal and private grant funds as well as additional leveraged […]

The French and Indian War: The Jumonville Affair, Part 2

Tensions were high in the spring of 1754. Rival claims to the vast territory between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi approached a climax between the British and the French. After being asked to help defend the English fort on the Ohio River, Lieutenant Colonel George Washington had finally reached western Pennsylvania: The Battle By late […]

The French and Indian War: The Jumonville Affair, Part 1

The Historic National Road Corridor is located in an area of southwestern Pennsylvania where arguably some of the most important revolutionary events in U.S. history occurred – events that define this Nation today. One such defining moment was the fight between the British, French and Indians that became the opening battle of the French & […]

Chasing Waterfalls at Ohiopyle with Photographer Rusty Glessner

Whoever said don’t go chasing waterfalls must not have seen Rusty Glessner’s photography. He’s a Pennsylvania native who’s grown a supportive following through his nature photography, namely his knack for capturing waterfalls. As you can imagine, this makes him no stranger to PA’s state parks, and so we jumped at the opportunity to chat with him […]

A Historical Road Trip Along Pennsylvania’s National Road

It’s a traveling shame to equate the notion of travel to the act of visiting far off places alone and neglecting the opportunities on home territory. Pennsylvania’s National Road has an abundance of historical sites to broaden our perspectives and enlighten our souls. Here’s a list of our favorite historical sites that are 100% road […]

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